Financial flow forecasting tool for business
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    Bank account balance forecasting
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    Company's financial resource management

Valuable addition to your business

Would you like to go a step further and see your total bank account balance after , for example, 17 days? Financial flow forecasting is one of the most important segments of successfuly growing and widely developing company’s profitability. Company’s financial indicators depend on income forecasts, payment terms, suppliers and other factors. Those are constantly changing counts, so it must be reacted instantly to any change and fall at the very moment in order to avoid facing with unanticipated and unexpected occasions.
SmartFin system will help to plan your prospective incomes more accurate, manage payments and investitions more effective.

Benefits of SmartFin

  • Safe and reachable from any part of the world.
  • Has a beneficial influence on traditional money accounting.
  • Provides forecast of earnings and expenses for a particular period of time: conveniently, simply and modernly.
  • Gives an opportunity to generate financial statements of  different periods and types.
  • Mobile compatible.
  • The main purpose of this system – to decrease the risk of companies by providing forecasts and giving ability to follow prospective company’s bank account balance during any time.