About SmartFin

The main purpose of this system – to decrease the risk of companies by providing forecasts and giving ability to follow prospective company’s bank account balance during any time.

SmarFin – a great tool for a small or middle size company’s directors, financial accountants,  managers and project managers. This tool allows you to plan your finances,  prospective investitions, payment terms, or simply see the forecast of your bank account balance in the future, so you could continue planing your following actions accurately.

You need more than just accounting, because you can see there is a high amount of historical data, from which making decisions is often too late. It is also inconvenient to deal with the accounting data, it takes a lot of time. Complex and cumbersome Excel is not an option.

SmartFin can submit a forecast of financial incomes and expenses for a particular period of time (for example after 17 days), so company’s manager or employee could plan further actions accurately: negotiate with suppliers about payment terms, contact customers and others.

Do not hesitate to contact us by the email info@smartfin.lt  and we will help to answer any question, or call us on the consultation number +370 5 2059333 .